Minis & Colic - reaching out for Kohnke’s Own® Gastro Coat™

Did You Know that....
An adult mini has about one third of the lumen or small intestine internal 'tube' diameter as compared to larger horse breeds simply because they are small in body size. They are only able to grind up food particles to the same 2-3mm diameter as a larger horse to enable efficient digestive attack and utilisation. If they have poor teeth, are fed coarse dry hay which is difficult to chew, or eat grains, pellets and hard foods quickly, then the food mass is more likely to form blockages in the small intestine and impactions in the hind gut. In fact, finely chopped oaten and wheaten chaff is the most likely to impact in both the small and large intestine. Up to 80% of the impacted food mass removed during emergency colic surgery for a blockage in the large intestine, is composed of small, short cut cereal chaff particles. Mature fibres in fine cut cereal chaff are not chewed as thoroughly and digested efficiently as compared to rough cut chaff.
Kohnke's Own® Gastro Coat provides healing and prevention of digestive conditions within the stomach and upper small intestine.


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