WHY choose NuBind TOXIN TREATMENT for horses?

WHY choose NuBind Professional Strength for Toxins?



NuBind Professional Strength is the choice of Equine Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics and Therapists and is consistently reported more effective, will not sequestrate vitamins, minerals or any other nutrients and is safe to supplement during use of antibiotics and other medicinal treatments.

Compliant with ACVM, FEI, Rules of Racing and all other disciplines

Toxins and poisonous substances from grasses, weeds and other plants can cause serious neurological damage if not attended to.

Perennial Ryegrass and Paspalum are commonly known to bring about Staggers in many animals. Symptoms not to be ignored are - being easily startled, trembling, in-coordination, 'splayed' hind limb stance, exaggerated flexion when walking.

Another condition called 'annual Ryegrass Toxicosis' is caused by the ingestion of Annual Ryegrass which contains toxic bacteria. Sudden onset of signs: muscle tremors, shivering, stiff-legged gait, stumbling, convulsions and in the most severe cases, death.

Many other plants (such as red clover) are known to cause induced photosensitization particularly in light colored horses. Skin around the mouth and nose can become cracked and weeping. Other signs include depression, head pressing (pushing against a solid surface with the head), colic, loss of appetite, yawning, blindness and inability to swallow.

Even such signs as excess sweating, unsteadiness and excitement should not be ignored. Relief from toxins may be assisted with the help of NuBind® Professional Strength.

NuBind® Professional Strength contains additional synergistic components of the highest quality and specially selected Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aliminosilicates (HSCAS) with high efficiency to adsorb polar mycotoxins including aflatoxins. Possessing an ultra laminated and porous structure, building up a large surface area which leads to maximum adsorption capacity.

NuBind® Professional Strength Powerful against Mycotoxins and yet Harmless against Vitamins and Nutrients!

The Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is one factor that indicates whether a product is a good adsorbent.

Developed so as not to adsorb important nutrients such as minerals and vitamins which might impair the animals growth, components in NuBind are CEC controlled in order to guarantee adsorption efficacy without catching the feed nutrients: A low CEC means that the product cannot bind mycotoxins, with a too high CEC you might catch nutrients from the diets.

NuBind® Professional Strength Components Mode of Action.

Synergistic calcium and sodium molecules bind to the mycotoxins structure, being later eliminated. This linkage is strong and will resist to variations of temperature and pH in the gut. These components are indigestible and the mycotoxins will be excreted with the feces.

Even beyond the foregut mycotoxins can continue to survive. To prevent this passage, components in NuBind® assist full functionality throughout the gut to trap these mycotoxins and prevent their population movement.

Formulated to be used as a routine to help avoid health issues arising from ingestion of mycotoxins.

Components in NuBind® Professional Strength may help to control an existing problem and boost the animals performance.

Components in NuBind® Professional Strength will not sequestrate vitamins, mineral or any other nutrients are free of heavy metals, phosphorous and have been widely tested in vivo trials.

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