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1 X 20g dose of Activ-8™ provides 8 selected nutrients at supplementary levels, along with Calcium Ascorbate (Ester C) and plant bioflavonoids which have a role in maintaining normal immune function and general well-being. Daily supplementation of these immune co-factors acts to correct low or inadequate levels in the diet of racing and other horses to provide nutritional support to help maintain a healthy, active immune system.

Activ-8™ is recommended to provide nutritional support for horses following respiratory viral conditions, injury and sickness, as well as prior to long distance travel or relocation where a functional immune system has a role in maintaining health and performance.

It is well known that adequate Vitamin E, selenium and zinc are required to ensure a responsive, active immune system. Each 40g initial supplementary amount of Activ-8™ provides 3,080iu Vitamin E, 500 micrograms of organic selenium and 300mg of organic zinc to help correct low dietary intake, combined with a full range of co-factors, including 10.8g Vitamin C as calcium ascorbate, to support the immune system.

Plant bioflavonoids derived from citrus peel are also included to provide a natural source of activel bioflavonoids and plant antioxidants to deter harmful superoxide radical attack on immune cells. Bioflavonoids also have a role in maintaining normal activity in airways and enhancing the activity of T-lymphocytes and macrophage response in allergic and chronic lower airway infection and erosive disease common in racing horses. They also enhance the action of vitamin C in preventing blood cell and capillary fragility, and have a synergistic action with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 and zinc in the protection and maintenance of collagen. Bioflavonoids may also increase the absorption of Vitamin C by up to 35%.

Activ-8™ is not a drug based immune stimulant. It is formulated to nutritionally support the immune system so that optimum immune function is able to be maintained during normal recovery processes from viral respiratory diseases. These viruses often compromise the immune response and result in extended recovery, prolonged downtime from training and less than optimum performance in racing and other sporthorses.

Horses are prone to low grade airway disease and respiratory viral challenge when travelling or introduced to new stables where horses may be ‘carriers’ of viral respiratory disease. A 7-10 day course of Activ-8™ prior to travelling has a role in maintaining nutritional support to the immune system, so that it is able to normalise active immune defence and respond to new challenges on relocation.

A higher initial supplementary dose is necessary to ensure that low or inadequate levels of supportive nutritional compounds in the diet are corrected so the immune system can utilise these nutrients to help normalise its activity, once this is achieved, a lower maintenance supplement is continued to help maintain adequate immune function.

A 1kg pack provides a full course for a 500kg horse, giving double supplementary amounts for 7-10 days, and then using the remaining Activ-8™ over the following 10-14 days until it is empty. The 3.0kg pack provides enough for up to 4 horses in a larger stable.

ACTIV-8 is recommended for the following

Horses challenged by viral respiratory diseases or following infection

Horses prior to and during long distance transport, relocation and other injury, where immune defense is paramount to health and performance.

Young horses and yearling being prepared for sale and being transported to new environments in contact with man other horses which may carry viral and bacterial diseases.

ACTIV-8 will assist the immune function to respond to new infection if administered 2-3 weeks daily prior to sale date or relocation.

Young horse for 7-10 days prior to and after vaccination to optimize the immune response to vaccination.

Handy Hint: If another horse in a stable or following transport has symptoms of viral respiratory disease, isolate the horse and supplement with Activ-8™. Provide other horses which have been in contact with it with Activ-8™ each day for 14-21 days

Handy Hint: Activ-8 provides nutritional support to the immune system in conjunction with treatment of common skin conditions such as greasy heel, rain scald and the healing of large surgical and accidental skin wounds.

Activ-8 has a role in supporting the immune system in preparation for, and after, vaccination especially in young and elderly horses and ponies and to help counteract immune suppression due to the stress of training and high level competition.

Safe during medication with antibiotics and bronchodilators, during sickness and injury.

 Allowable under the Rules of Racing and Equestrian Competition and is not a drug based immune stimulant.

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