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Kohnke's Own Mag-E outsells all other calming supplements in Australia

By using Kohnke's Own® Mag-E you can be confident your horses are receiving one of the most scientifically researched, highest quality and safest formulations available. Mag-E® is absorbed more directly into the system, allowing efficient and more effective uptake without competition or interaction from other minerals. Mag-E® has a higher bioavailability naturally increasing uptake of the magnesium so that nerve and muscle cells can be loaded up with this important mineral avoiding adverse effects of reduced magnesium absorption due to competition from minerals in the small intestine. Mag-E® has other high quality ingredients that make this supplement even more effective, including antioxidants for nerve and muscle function which have been coated with oil for optimum uptake. Properties in Mag-E® are absorbed into the muscle cells which in turn work to assist the healing and prevention of damage to muscle fibers and nerve endings. Mag-E® also contains synergistic, calming ingredients and a base of digestive soothers to calm horses predisposed to a nervous, tense stomach. Mag-E® is more effective with less stress on the horse's digestive system. Mag-E® has undergone field trials with 1000's of horses to ensure that it is safe and effective. Mag-E does not contain chemicals or negatively affect the health of your horse if fed over an extended period, will not cause scouring/diarrhoea and is very pallatable.

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