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Kleen-Sheen® is a human quality shampoo which contains foam-lifting
ingredients different to those found in all other horse and animal
shampoos. It does not produce ‘suds’ or detergent bubbles, but a soft
foam which lifts dirt and grime off the skin in a soft foam which rinses
off with one pass of the hose. Kleen-Sheen® also contains a built-in
conditioner, a silicon-like compound which prevents tangles in the mane
and tail, as well as a special colour highlighter to make ‘whites
whiter’ and coat colour more even and prominent. A gentle shampoo which
does not contain detergents or harsh chemicals. It produces a light foam
which does not sting the eyes. Simply washing it away from around the
eye will remove it easily without any irritant detergent-like action.
Kleen-Sheen® is an ideal shampoo to use on young horses which may resist
handling and rinsing. Only a very small volume of shampoo is required,
and in foals, gentle massaging to create the foam-lifting action will
clean the coat, followed by one pass of the hose to spray out the foam.

Kleen-Sheen® is not a medicated shampoo, many of which contain
detergents and can therefor be used to clean the coat after washing the
animal or affected area with PVP iodine (e.g. Betadine® or Vetadine®) to
control skin bacterial and fungal infection. Kleen-Sheen® will not
remove natural oils from the skin, but will clean away stains and
discharge from the skin without causing irritation. As it only needs
minimal rinsing, it does not require the coat to be wetted to the same
extent as a conventional shampoo, reducing the risk of skin softening
and irritation.
Comparative studies using Kleen-Sheen® compared
with other popular ‘suds’ shampoos, found that Kleen-Sheen® only
required half the time required to shampoo and rinse the coat, and only
30% of the water required to rinse away the foam. It will normally not
irritate the skin or blotch the coat, even if some residue are left if
rinsing is not sufficient. This is in contrast to detergent ‘suds’
shampoos which continue to irritate the skin if residues are not rinsed
out thoroughly, causing skin flakes and scurf.
Kleen-Sheen® is a
concentrated shampoo, and only a small amount is required for routine
cleaning. Only a thin layer of shampoo needs to be applied to a wet
coat, main and tail or alternatively mix 10mL of Kleen-Sheen® per litre
of luke-warm water. Massage with a sponge or brush on dirtier horses and
lather through mane and tale.
For grass or other stains on white
soaks, apply Kleen-Sheen® undiluted and rub into the hair. Then rinse
off to remove the stain or discoloured area. Leave heavily soiled,
scurfy or stained areas including matted manes and tails to soak for 2-3
minutes. Rinse out with running water and scrape

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