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  • Select organic and volcanic Toxin Binders and Gut Conditioners may assist in protecting the body from adverse effects during incidences of high concentrations of mycotoxins Inactive prebiotic components in NuBind™ may assist in providing a source of DNA and protein needed for the micro-flora to become very active βglucans aids strengthening and protection of the bodies natural defense
  • Aluminosilicate assist reduction of bioavailability of toxins in the gastrointestinal trac
  • Mannanologosaccharides impacting of the gastrointestinal microflora and immune syste
  • Gut Conditioner may assist beneficial bacterias potential to detoxify introduced toxins
  • Super low maintenance dose 1g per 100kg bodyweight
  • Mycotoxins – the hidden menace. The acute intake of high concentrations of mycotoxins causes profound reductions in animal performance and increased mortality. That aside, veterinarians and researchers are increasingly concerned about the effects of chronic low-level ingestion of these toxins given the amount of feed that is potentially contaminated. Low-levels of mycotoxins result in a range of symptoms of under-performance that have no obvious causative agent.The risk of mycotoxin contamination has increased, and will continue to increase, due to climate change, farming practices designed to lower water use and increased international trading of food/feed. Management to decrease fungal and mould infections (mycotoxin) involves treating grains at source with fungicides, adequate storage, and screening of food/feed for toxins to assign usages depending on level of toxin. Although effective in reducing high-level ingestion and acute toxicity, the fact is that low levels of these toxins are in grains, especially those designated for feed.
  • Do you have a problem? The difficulty with mycotoxicosis is to confirm diagnosis. The symptoms associated with mycotoxin poisoning are general and include;
  • A general un-thriftiness and malaise
  • Unexplained changes in feed intake
  • Increased incidence of disease linked to a depressed immune system
  • General fluid retention in tissues (oedema)
  • High incidence of digestive problems including an abnormal amount of mucus in the faeces
  • Reduced fertility- including fetal reabsorption and abortions without obvious infectious cause
  • Animals unresponsive to treatment for disease

None of the above is conclusive for mycotoxin poisoning, but in the absence of more typical causes

e.g. infection or poor management, then the most likely cause is a low grade mycotoxicosis

open to view NuBind® BROCHURE

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