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Q. Is Kohnke's Own®
Cell-Perform™ different to other dietary supplements?

A. Yes! Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ is a concentrated ration balancer specially formulated to provide nutrients to meet the needs of medium level horses according to the NRC 2007 standards. It is a blend of five cold-pressed, colour-coded Supplet® pellets – an exclusive world-first innovation and patented concept. The separate Supplet®pellets are compounded into compatible nutrient groups within each type of pellet. This helps to avoid harmful nutrient interactions between trace-minerals, such as iron and copper, with Vitamin A, D and E in the supplement and when mixed into the feed, which can occur in powdered and liquid ration balancers and ready-mixed feeds.

Q. Why is Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ beneficial for Sporting Horses?

A. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ is a unique formulation designed especially to meet the specific needs of horses in training and during competition. Dressage horses and hunters can also use Kohnke's Own®Cell-Perform™. It contains five separate Supplet® pellets providing concentrated trace-minerals and vitamins, with additional Vitamin E and organic selenium as important antioxidants, especially formulated for working sport horses.

White Supplet Pellet White Supplet® Pellets – contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin A &D for bones and joints
Brown Supplet Pellet Brown Supplet® Pellets – provide a full range of trace-minerals, including fully organic selenium and chromium
Yellow Supplet Pellet Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets – contribute essential vitamins for metabolism and vitality
Black Supplet Pellet Black Supplets® Pellets – add extra iron, B12 and folic acid to help maintain blood oxygen levels
Pink Supplet Pellet Pink Supplets® Pellets – provide extra Vitamin E, organic selenium, Vitamin B and magnesium to meet the elevated antioxidant needs of medium level competition and working sport horses

Q. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ has an additional Black Supplet® Pellet. Why?

A. The black Supplet® pellet found in Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ provides extra iron, B12 and folic acid which is important for maintaining red blood cells and haemoglobin levels in harder working horses. Although the trace-mineral (brown) Supplet® pellet contains three forms of iron as one of its trace-minerals, horses in moderate training may require additional iron to meet their specific needs as a result of heavier sweating and hard exercise.

Exercising horses can typically lose up to 4-5 litres per hour of sweat during competition and training, with each litre of sweat containing 23mg of iron. In time, this daily loss of iron can reduce exercise tolerance, stamina and recovery. Iron also has poor bio-availability and uptake from feeds, which can result in the risk of anaemia or low haemoglobin levels on grain and hay based diets. The black Supplet® pellet contains three forms of iron, including 'chelated' iron proteinate, 98% iron carbonyl and sulfate of iron, as well as complementary Vitamin C (coated to avoid destruction in the presence of iron) for the normal uptake of iron. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are included as co-factors as they have roles in red blood cell and haemoglobin synthesis.

Q. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ also contains a Pink Supplet® Pellet. Can this be helpful to horses which develop muscle problems on low selenium pastures and hard feeds?

A. The Pink Supplet® Pellet in Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ provides a source of Vitamin E, organic selenium, with additional Vitamin B1 and magnesium. This is important to meet the needs for these antioxidant compounds in horses exerting themselves over extended periods of time. Vitamin E and selenium are muscle antioxidants which have a normal role to minimise the uncontrolled oxidation of polyunsaturated fats or lipids within the structure of muscle cell walls and other tissues. As high amounts of oxygen perfuse through the muscle cell membranes during exercise, oxidation reactions can produce harmful 'Oxygen Reactive Species' or 'free radicals', which can damage the cell membranes to reduce muscle power, increase muscle fatigue and delay normal recovery. Vitamin E and selenium work synergistically to prevent muscle cell damage in the following way:

  • During exercise, Vitamin E provides the first antioxidant defence to help in the reduction of harmful oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids or lipids in the muscle cell walls, which would otherwise result in damaging peroxide formation within the muscle cell membranes.
  • Selenium then contributes the second line of defence as it is incorporated into the essential muscle cell antioxidant enzyme, glutathione peroxidase. This acts to further limit the oxidation of peroxides to prevent them forming into detrimental inflammatory 'superoxide' free radicals.
  • Superoxides may damage and weaken muscle cell membranes which can cause tight and/or sore muscles. Therefore, if Vitamin E and selenium levels in muscles tissues are inadequate, the risk of exercise- induced damage is increased and may result in episodes of 'tying up' in susceptible horses.

Q. What else do I need to feed with Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™?

A. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ does not contain a salt mix within the supplement. The reason for this being that it would bulk out the supplement, creating a higher dose rate, and in turn, a less value for money product. By adding your own salt, or a salt mix to Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ relative to your horse's work load and competition conditions, you can be assured that you are providing a higher concentrated dose of Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™, making it more cost effective.

Q. How long will it take to see results?

A. Results should be seen within the first three weeks of feeding Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ as your horse's coat develops a normal shine and maintains stamina and normal recovery from exercise.


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