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Now you can be confident your mares, foals and growing horses are receiving one of the most scientifically researched, highest quality and safest formulations available.

Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ is formulated from three separate Supplet® pellets, providing bone minerals and all essential trace-minerals and vitamins. The 3 separate Supplets® are blended in a specific ratio based on NRC 2007 recommendations for breeding and growing horses. The innovative combination helps to make-up common shortfalls in grass and mixed feeds fed to growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares. It is especially designed to help in correcting imbalances and shortfalls of calcium and phosphorus to maintain a normal calcium to phosphorus ratio. It is the ideal supplement to maintain the normal health of the mare and unborn foal, help maintain normal milk quality and provide nutrients for normal body, bone and joint development in the young horse.

Special Feature! The patented Supplet® pellets innovation, exclusive to John Kohnke Products International, separates calcium, trace-minerals and vitamins into 3 separate cold-pressed pellets. This separation eliminates the problems associated with reduced uptake of trace-minerals, such as iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium in the presence of high levels of calcium. The majority of the trace-minerals are present in 'chelated' form as a mineral incorporated into yeast protein, to help minimise any interaction with vitamins and other mineral incompatibilities. When mixed into a feed, the Supplet® pellets are distributed throughout the feed to ensure optimum digestion and uptake, which can be a problem with many calcium powders containing trace-minerals and vitamins.


Q. It is essential to include a balanced bone-mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement, such as Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™, in a growing horse's diet. Why?

A. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ provides the foundation nutrients for optimum normal body and bone development in young horses in their initial formative year. Through modern domestication, foals are often denied access to large grazing areas with a wide range of plant species, which historically provided growing horses with the nutrients they required. The demand for increased size and strength in foals has resulted in added awareness of the importance which these minerals and vitamins have in the growing horse's diet. Often grass, hay and grain based diets do not meet the specific amounts of skeletal forming nutrients needed by growing horses. Therefore, they often require specific nutritional supplementation to offset the reduction in grazing access and variety, as well as meet the nutrient needs for normal growth and size, especially during the first 12 months of life in growing horses and ponies.

Q. Until what age should Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ be included in a growing horse's ration?

A. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ should be provided in a growing horse's ration until 24 months of age. Once the young horse has reached this age, the high vitamin and mineral requirements necessary for normal growth can be reduced to a maintenance level. Despite the reduction in nutritional requirements for growth, the maturing horse should still be supplemented. A vitamin and mineral supplement may be needed to make up for shortfalls in grass, hay and grain diets, as well as to meet the demands of exercise. After 2-3 years of age, Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ can be replaced with either Kohnke's Own® Cell-Vital™ or Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ which is formulated for working and competing horses.


Q. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ should be included in a mare's ration from 6 months of pregnancy and is especially important during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Why?

A. Supplementing Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ on a daily basis to a pregnant mare will help to ensure her own normal good health and vitality. The daily supplement is also important for normal growth and development of her unborn foal, particularly where pastures and feeds are low in calcium, trace-minerals and essential vitamins. During the last three months of pregnancy, the unborn foal goes through a period of rapid development and doubles in size and triples its weight before birth. This rapid phase of growth significantly increases the amounts of nutrients required to pass through the foetal membranes. It is essential to provide additional copper, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium and Vitamin A for liver storage in the unborn foal. These essential nutrients stored in the foal's liver at birth are important to make-up any shortfalls in milk for a rapidly growing young foal. Liver storage is vital to compensate for the low levels of these bone and joint forming nutrients in the mare's milk. During the last 3 months of pregnancy, the mare also needs to build-up her own reserves for the increased demands required for milk production after foaling. Supplementation of Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ during lactation provides phosphorus, selenium, Vitamin A and E to help maintain normal fertility during the first few months after foaling, so that the mare can be bred again if planned for the same breeding season.

Q. Why is it important to continue supplementing with Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ throughout lactation?

A. Lactating mares have the highest nutrient demand compared to any other stage of their lives. During peak lactation (4-10 weeks after foaling), a mare can produce 3-4% of her body weight in milk per day, which in a 500kg mare is equivalent to 15-20 litres. Inadequate nutrition can have a negative effect on milk production, as well as on fertility and conception. Quality milk production requires sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc in the mare's diet. Phosphorus, selenium and Vitamin A and E also have important roles in maintaining normal fertility in the mare and often grass, hay and grain based diets have shortfalls in these important trace-mineral and vitamins. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ provides the required levels of bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins to ensure dietary shortfalls are corrected, optimising normal health of both the mare and foal. It is also an ideal supplement for 'creep' feed mixes and shared mare and foal rations. It is non-dusty, does not sift out or blow out of outdoor feeders in windy locations. The Supplets® also mix well with grain or pelleted feeds.


Q. Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ contains an optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Why is this important?

A. The calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2.7:1 in Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ has been specifically formulated to match the mineral balance in both grass and legumes, as well as diets supplemented with alfalfa or meadow hay. When diets contain low levels of calcium and phosphorus, Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ provides a balanced source to help maintain the normal Ca:P ratio. An optimum ratio is essential to ensure normal bone formation and development in the growing horse. It is also important to maintain normal body and skeletal strength in the mare. Both Vitamin A and D complement the bone minerals in Kohnke's Own® Cell-Grow™ to ensure optimal absorption and utilization.

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