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Kohnke's Own Cell Provide is a unique combination of 3 cold-pressed Supplet® pellets which help correct shortfalls in common blends of 'cool' and lower energy feeds, chaff and hay:
White Supplet® Pellets – provides calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D.
Brown Supplet® Pellets – provides a full range of trace-minerals to supplement low or inadequate diets to help maintain optimum muscle, joint and skeletal strength.
Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets - provides essential vitamins for appetite, coat condition and vitality. 

Kohnke's Own Cell-Provide is a calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement specifically formulated for light to medium worked, spelling, aged and miniature horses and ponies. Also recommended for lamanitic ponies and horses being fed soaked hay and weight reducing diets. 

Cell-Provide® is palatable to even the ‘fussiest’ of eaters – in fact, most horses and ponies will take them off your hand-an easy way to supplement horses, ponies, miniatures and aged, retired animals at pasture.

Its unique 3 Supplet® blend reduces WASTAGE from sift-out, dust and sludging in feed bins. 
Show & Pleasure Horses & Aged Horses: 
Adult horses (425 - 550g bodyweight) 30g (1 scoopful) morning & evening 30 - 60 minutes walking/trotting/cantering daily 
Novice show, led-in horses, lightly worked pleasure horses Adult show, ridng & aged ponies (225 - 30kg bodyweight) 30g (1 scoopful) once daily 
Adult Miniature Horses (125 - 150kg bodyweight) Work - up to 30 - 45 minutes daily 15g (1/2 scoopful) daily 
Show & Driving Miniatures: 20g (2/3 scoopful) daily 
Adult Resting Horses & Ponies: 
Miniatures (125 - 150kg bodyweight) 7.5g - 10g (1/4 to 1/3 scoopfu) daily 
Ponies (225 - 300kg bodyweight) 10g - 15g (1/3 to 1/2 scoopful) daily 
Horses (425g - 550g bodyweight) 20g - 30g (2/3 to 1 scoopful) daily 

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