REDI-FLEX - Kohnkes Own (1kg, 3kg)


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Kohnke’s Own Redi-Flex®. This amazing supplement has been extensively tested for over 2 years in a large scale field trial with more than 60 horses with exceptional results. Redi-Flex is a total joint health supplement with a new generation, comprehensive formulation of joint-active nutrients. Redi-Flex is a great choice for maintenance of healthy joints in performance horses and for aged & arthritic horses or those that experience joint concussion, pain or stiffness. The combination of ingredients in Redi-Flex gives the supplement multiple actions. Redi-Flex for the health and function of joints, tendons, ligaments and sub-chondrial bone, to help maintain, repair and renew important structures including cartilage, collagen and synovial fluid.

open here REDI-FLEX Q&A's brochure

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